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Benefits of having an in-house Masterclass on Blockchain 101 • Course held in your own location to maximise privacy & staff availability

• Course content can be tailored to meet your specific learning needs

• You can include up to 25 members of staff

• Specific group exercises can be set to meet project or team learning objectives

Typical Masterclass  content:

Session 1: The Basics Introduction and base lining to establish the level of knowledge in the group and to fill in any gaps in basic understanding. • What is a Blockchain? • What value can you get out of it?

Session 2:  Uses & use implications This session will help you appreciate the opportunities and threats Blockchain poses and enable you to participate actively in shaping the discussions surrounding the future of the industry and your place in it. • What might a Blockchain be used for and why? • What are the financial and operational questions you should ask when considering adopting a Blockchain based approach? • What potential impact could Blockchain have on your industry in the next 1, 3 and 5 years? Session 3: Blockchain vs Bitcoin Bitcoin is to Blockchain what email in the ‘90s was to the internet today – merely the first application of a technology that would far exceed original imaginings. And whilst Bitcoin has had a chequered history it is important in any Blockchain education to understand its relative place and teachings. • What are the differences between virtual currencies?• Where does Bitcoin sit relative to Blockchain and does it still have a life? Session 4: Lessons we've learnt and live demo of a blockchain transaction For these sessions we bring along Blockchain entrepreneurs.  Hear their views on where they see the future of Blockchain in financial services.  This sessions include a hands on demo where they will guide attendees through the whole process of transacting with cryptocurrencies. Applications Group discussion on how the group might use Blockchain, this will lead to personalised takeaways from the day. •  What are app developers looking at across the board? Why might they work? How can they be used? • What are members of the group currently looking at?• What might be achieved from Blockchain for the group members? • What do you need to do now as an industry? (e.g. standards)• What are the benefits of collaboration and what do you need to consider in relation to those arrangements? • Within an environment of co-operation where should your silos be? Session 5:  Regulatory Round-up There are no wholly relevant regulations and very little guidance exists, as applications for Blockchain are yet to be determined. Bitcoin does have regulatory impact but we just don’t know what it is yet. Government stances on virtual currencies (as the original application for Blockchain) vary widely from outright banning; to fence sitting; to encouragement. This session examines that spectrum and the tone of reception from regulators. In doing so we shed light on how this might impact your future opportunities. • The only regulations touching on it at the moment relate to payment. What are these and how/where are they being applied globally? • What will be the regulatory impact of other Blockchain activities/asset classes? If time allows we will additionally cover 'Exploring the regulatory impact on your future plans'


sian jones

Sian Jones, Regulatory compliance consultant at COINsult, Co-founder EDCAB
Siân is principal of cryptocurrency consultancy, COINsult, where she focuses on  regulation, compliance and taxation. She also runs companies providing accounting and offshore corporate services for cryptocurrency businesses.
Sian is a founder member of the UK Digital Currency Association and co-lead of its Exchanges Regulation & Accounting Working Group, and is convener of the 1st meetup of European digital currency associations. She is also a contributor to Europe's leading cryptocurrency podcast, Epicenter Bitcoin, and its Regulatory Affairs correspondent.

This is what Blockchain 101alumni have to say:
Sian is an excellent presenter: knowledgeable, patient & charismatic. 

This was an excellent and very comprehensive overview of virtual currencies, Bitcoin and 'blockchain technology'. Perfectly suited for all those who have 'heard but not quite understood'
Jersey Finance

A great course that enables discussion and debate that you cannot find on the internet
Faster payments UK

Very informative, thought provoking & insightful. Sian is excellent
Market Gravity

A great masterclass in an inclusive and open format
Money on Toast

Thanks very much to Sian & ECN for delivering an excellent overview of the current state of play with bitcoin, blockchain, smart contracts,. Excellent subject knowledge and enjoyable session.
GBR Direct

Excellent knowledge of subject matter. Sian's delivered in a humorous and eloquent manner.