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A new initiative that gives senior executives
access to the latest thinking and regulatory insights
into how Blockchain technology could revolutionise the
finance sector led by Sian Jones

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Next date for the November
Blockchain 101 & Beyond Masterclass
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Your Workshop Leaders and Guest speakers

Ashley Winton
Paul hasting LLP
sian jones full
Masterclass Leader
Sian Jones
Chris James
Senior Technology and Privacy Associate
Paul Hastings LLP


Join 20 of your peers, and our experts, to equip you to contribute to the in-house and within industry conversations that you will face in the very near future. If you wish to be kept updated on the date for the next Masterclass register your interest here:

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We offer in-house Masterclasses for organisations that require a Masterclass tailored to their specific needs covering certain topics in greater detail and in the privacy of their own facilities.

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What people said about our last Blockchain Masterclass:

'I genuinely can't recall an occasion where my brain was so exercised on a training event and felt so full afterwards'

'Sian is an excellent presenter: knowledgeable, patient & charismatic. Other presenters were also great.'

This was an excellent and very comprehensive overview of virtual currencies, Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Perfectly suited for all those who have 'heard but not quite understood'